Bug Jam 31

Well last weekend (22nd July 2017) me, a couple of friends and Gully embarked on Bug Jam 31, My first VW Festival type event and it was cracking great fun despite being a lil washed out. A great mix of music, comedy, car craziness and trade stalls that really hit the spot. I even came across Bryce Davies, a Graffiti Artist that does some amazing vehicle resprays, me thinks Gully may be taking advantage of his services as soon as we tart up his bodywork a lil 🙂

The day was made all the more fun by spending it with too great lovely people, Elaine and Rich who really got in the spirit of things and helped make it a fun day for us all, even if the kettle boiling antics before the drive home turned into a bit of a farce… must remember to get Gully’s gas topped up before his next adventure 🙂

Being daft I made a deal with Gully that if he got us there without breaking down he’d get a new steering wheel, I then said if he got us back without breaking down he’d get a new parcel shelf and as an added bonus if we made it there and back without any issues at all he’d get a new surfboard table thrown in too. Gully has now left me skint, not because he broke down but because he made it there and back around 180 miles without a single itsy bitsy problem and now I have to pay out on my arrangement. In all seriousness though, I was very proud of the lil guy, it’s good to see he’s a reliable lil fella and can even slip slidey through the mud without getting stuck which has now also cost me a Gully cuddly cushion toy… Funny I expected VW Camper ownership would leave me skint but for very different reasons!!!

Anywho heres a few pictures from the day 🙂



Week 2 – Shopping Spree and Gully meets Guppy


Saturday 15th July

Well today we’ve had a lil bit more tinkering time and thought I’d check to make sure everything is working in the back of the bus and thankfully it all seems okay, well except for the matter of heating, all the equipment is there and it all turns on but heat seems a lil bit of missing entity so far, to be honest it’s probably just my own ineptness at this point so first of I’m getting my hands on a manual to make sure I’ve found the right on button, lol!

Over the last few days I’ve really been surfing about the net finding all kinds of amazing and fun ways to personalise the Gully and I get the feeling my bank account is going to really hate me, lol. Still there are a few essentials required and so today I’ve been on-line ordering a few bits and pricing up a few others for the future. So far topping the shopping list are:

  • New steering wheel
  • Plug socket upgrade for usb connectivity
  • Sat Nav with Bluetooth phone connectivity
  • Roof mounted TV/DVD
  • 60w Solar Panel kit for leisure battery
  • Bamboo Parcel Rack (well I like em)
  • Recover the Rock & Roll Bed

Also my friend Elaine understanding Gully’s puppy like nature has found him a new friend to join him on the dash, so Gully meet Guppy, oh geez like one over excitable puppy isn’t enough!

Well I said in the last post that Gully was in need of a lil adventure and so I’ve had a nosey about over the last week and I’ve found him one that should do just the trick. So next weekend Me, Gully and two of my random mates are joining us to descend on Bug Jam at Santa Pod for my first VW Festival event. I’m really looking forward to it and I think Gully is too by the lil’ oil puddle he’s just let out, GULLY! lol…

1 Week Down – Time to Fiddle

8th July 2017

Okay after a busy week of work it’s time to spend some quality time with the ‘Gully’ and see about getting to know him a little bit better.

Clearly after 44 years of motoring and 17 previous owners Gully has seen a lot in the way of maintenance and adaptations as well as several paint changes. From what I can tell he was originally black and white and has since been yellow and white and is currently a nice shade of green and white but for now it was the insides I was more concerned with, specifically the electrics.

On the journey down from Sunderland it became quite entertainingly apparent early on that there was a couple of electrical issues I may want to give some attention to. First off there was the indicators, they seemed to enjoy a lil’ walk around the steering wheel each time they were used as well as a little issue of the flasher lights. I also wanted to check through all the rest of the fuses in the hope I may find one blown to explain the reason why there was no lights making the speedo visible at night on my trip home. I quickly found out there was no other fuse issues and so deduced the reason there was no lights on the speedo was thus that the speedo did not have no light, hmm I may need to do something about that me thinks.

Anyway I cracked on taking off the steering wheel to gain access to the indicator casing properly only to discover that the casing had at some point been put back on upside down. after a quick bit of twiddling, a lil’ bit of disassembling and a lotta’ reassembling that was one job fixed, now not only do they work they now stay put when driving, so no more putting the wipers on every time you need to make a left turn, lol, problem sorted.

I also had a bit of fun playing with the horn, the plan is to get it reattached to work on the steering wheel when I get around to replace that (current one is it’s original and battered and broken in places so it’s an excuse to glam up the Gully with something a lil’ more luxurious) instead of a silly lil button under the dash how it currently operates.

Well anyway a few other jobs done, including resecuring the seals on the door windows so that they didn’t detach with the windows wound down and a proper stock take of the various parts the previous owner very generously threw in with the sale and job done for today.

I can now really see how these lil’ vehicles get under your skin, I already know it’s going to be a lot of fun tinkering and upgrading bits on Gully and have already had a few lil’ ideas for a new Steering wheel, a bamboo parcel shelf to replace the battered plastic one in place, new wing mirrors, sun visors and a few other minor internal bits to personalise him to my lack of taste, but that’s all to happen around having a little travelling fun and Gully needs a lil’ adventure me thinks.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Hi Mom, I’ve Purchased a Camper Van!

1st/2nd July 2017

So what’s bin occurring…

Well I appear to have purchased myself a camper van! Now you are probably wondering what the hell I was thinking, a mid life crisis perhaps haha? Well while one of my good buddies was off on her adventures looking after turtles I decided to have a lil’ adventure of my own. Clearly I now had far too much free time on my hands and so I started mucking about looking to see what was out there… only out of curiosity originally… and then I found one I really liked, a camper called George… I ummed and arred, bit the bullet, made a few enquiries and then before I knew it I had a lil shortlist, think I must have checked out about 20 campers but when George’s owner started messing me about a bit I found Gully…

Now out of pure coincidence Gully lived in a place called East Boudon, I had never heard of it, but it turned out to be about 5 miles away from my friend Elaine’s house in Sunderland. And as luck would have it, it was the same week she had to go there to see about packing up the place for a future house move, so with a place to crash all was sorted and a rather lovely if not a lil’ freaky lil’ coincidence.

So I got the train up to Newcastle Friday after work, stayed with Elaine at her place helping her clear the place a little and pack some stuff up through the night and then checked out Gully in the process on the Saturday.

The purchase wasn’t as straightforward as it could have been and we had a couple of payment issues as the fraud protection squad decided to crack down on me thinking I was doing something rather odd, lol (clearly they had no idea just how odd I was being as they let me eventually get the payment through) but it all was finally all sorted Sunday 2nd July…

Anyway with the van purchased we sodded off back home to Derby on the Sunday evening, Gully now doubling as a removal van. I followed my friend Elaine back and it was a bloody good job to, it was an interesting drive to say the least. Gully is so much fun to drive and I swear he has a personality like a lil dopey Labrador puppy lol, you could almost see his tail wagging. I was grinning like a loon the whole drive back and going from the response of folk when they see him I think he has quite a lil’ fan club behind him.

All went well and at about halfway back we pulled into the services for a coffee stop without any probs at all. Shortly after leaving the services tho I noticed I was a lil’ lower on petrol than I anticipated and realised I wouldn’t get back to Derby without an emergency fuel stop, I think the lil spell I did at 80mph probably didn’t help, must have burnt like a gallon a second lol. Anywho I got a message to Elaine and we pulled over at Rotherham when I was cruising nervously on reserve fuel and things were getting a lil’ dicey and that’s where things went just a lil’ wrong.

I stalled it on the slip road opposite a maccy d’s and it just wouldn’t restart, all the lights went out and no power at all, eek. If that wasn’t bad enough I then got out to find a splattering of oil all over the back of the camper and noticed Gully had done a lil wee on the road too, ooops. Think he got must have got a lil excited. I put that down to oil pressure and temps and maybe in need of a new seal but I wasn’t to concerned as it stopped pretty much immediately.

So at a loss and showing my classic car noviceness, I phoned for a recovery and just before he was suppose to arrive we got a last minute call to advise that an ambulance had broken down with a patient in it so it had to be redirected to that job and were told we would have to wait another hour, but as it was totally understandable, it didn’t bother us. To be honest I found it all quite amusing as odd as that may sound. When the guy got there all was good with what I thought might be the problem i.e. battery or alternator (I really need to go back to mechanic school) and in the end he found a 10p fuse had blown in the ignition, that really was it, lol.

I quickly refuelled and got going again but now it was after midnight and very dark and it was then I discovered Gully doesn’t have lights on his speedo controls so I’m there driving the motorway with no idea how fast I’m going, I had to use the torch on my battery pack so I could see how fast I was travelling but while I was fumbling about sorting it out it must have looked like some sort of rave going on in the cabin from Elaine’s rear view mirror, which she did, I later found out, find very amusing!

Anyway finally got home just after 2am. Gully made it, around 160 mile drive first time out, and I was well proud of him, the fuse thing could of happened to any car, so kinda harsh to blame him for that, like I said he’s an excitable, dopey, Labrador puppy after all.

I do have a lil bit of work to carry out on him tho, his dash needs securing (it has no screws and jiggles) and the lights on it need sorting, the steering wheel could use replacing and the controls on it need tightening as I found I can rotate the block holding the indicator and wiper stalk controls with next to no effort at all (which was quite disconcerting when going for the indicator to find it had bobbled over to the top of the wheel), the window seals fall out when the windows are down and I sometimes need to open my door from the outside to get out but it’s mostly minor easily fixable stuff which should keep me busy for the next few weeks. Kinda all adds to it’s personality I guess, but mechanically it seems pretty sound (well providing I can get to the bottom of the oil thing anyway), brand new engine with only 8000 miles and drives like a dream. I’ll get him sorted tho and then the plan will be when I’m not using him I can maybe see about renting him out, so that maybe one of you reading this blog will take him out for an adventure of your own someday.

May the adventures begin 🙂